S.M.A.R.T. Physio


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Our aim is to provide up to date services on the field of Sports Medicine and Science, based on the most recent evidence-based practices. We own a state-of-the-art lab with highly reliable and valid apparatus in order to provide fitness and injury prevention testing, as well as rehabilitation and performance enhancement strategies, according to the unique profile of our clients.

Additionally, our educational background and experience in performance analysis enriched our professional portfolio and statistical and scouting services are now available for our future collaborations with football clubs.

Therefore, our services are directed to:

a. People of the general population suffering from musculoskeletal injuries and are keen on controlling and improving their rehab progress with advanced training methods.

b. Sports population for their performance improvement and safe back-to-sport participation according to their current preparedness status and risk analysis protocols.

c. Sports clubs in the high performance industry for their long-term development.

Workload for the last 30 days

Physiotherapy Services 96%
Fitness Testing 93%
Injury Prevention Testing 90%
Sports Performance Analysis 100%